Getting the right amount of sleep can actually make a massive difference in your life. As sleeping is so closely linked to overall health, making some bedtime improvements can help you embrace a healthier life. On World Sleep Day 2021, we have carefully handpicked some of the best tips that you can put into action to sleep better and peacefully!

Best Suggestions to Sleep Better

Don’t underestimate the power and effectiveness of these helpful suggestions:

Eviction of Television 

First things first, remove the television and Netflix from your bedroom. That’s hard, we understand, but it is imperative for having a soothing and uninterrupted sleep at night. It was found through research that the television emits blue light which works as a stimulator for your brain. Owing to this stimulation, your brain finds it impossible to calm down and have a restful night’s sleep. The blue lights flickering through the dark room, massively and negatively impact your brain activity. The best way out is to remove it from your bedroom and place it elsewhere, i.e. living room or lounge. Never take your laptop to bed, it is also equally problematic. Try out this simple yet impactful hack and witness the magical results. You will start to notice the difference within two to three weeks, we promise! You will feel much more at peace and well-rested.

Your Bedroom: No Gadget Zone

Another classic tip would be to avoid putting your gadgets on charging in your bedroom. Learn to make your bedroom a “No Gadget Zone”. If you want to charge your phone, place it in another room and leave it there overnight to charge. The only thing you would have to consider here is, since your mobile phone would be away from you, you would have to buy a cute-looking alarm clock that plays soothing music to wake you up every morning. But, the price for a new alarm clock would be nothing in front of the massive benefits this practice is going to bring for you. It will help you in sleeping faster and better. Your brain would be much more relaxed and you will enjoy a sound sleep at night.

Choose the Right Mattress:

We have saved the best tip for the end. This one is just another game changer for you if you are yearning to have a restful sleep for the whole year. This world sleep day, we would take the opportunity to highlight the significance of having the right mattress to sleep on. It relieves your back and lower body ache and supports your body in the best possible way. It is imperative in elevating your sleep quality. So this sleep day, treat yourself with a new mattress that is specially tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Have a restful sleep throughout the year!