About Us

Sleep plays a vital role in overall health and well-being yet about 40% of the population is suffering from sleep problems and not getting the right assistance for it. With a vision to provide comfort for all and improve quality of life with mental and physical health Master came up with Sleep Research Foundation in 2015. It is Pakistan’s first and only research-based sleep foundation that administers research projects and awareness campaigns to disseminate the significance of sleep into people’s consciousness. Dedicated to probe sleep disorders, the biological behavioral impact of sleep disruption, and sleep’s effects on health the foundation is on the mission to make people aware of the sleep importance which modern fast-paced lifestyles have disturbed.

With the vision to raise the profile of sleep as a major health factor and ensure its inclusivity in public health agenda Master Sleep Research Foundation devoted itself to investigate sleep disorders and hygiene, the biological impact of sleep, and sleep improvement methods. The foundation is committed to advancing excellence in sleep health, theory, research, and practice.

Knowing that quality of sleep reflects directly on the overall health of individuals; from posture to internal health, attitude to behavior; Master developed this platform to form a healthy Pakistan. Prompting a sense of sleep responsibility among, parents, adults, and professionals is highly important to shape a healthy society. Our aim is to help people improve their quality of lives with health and address the lack of support issues.

Our Other Aims:
  • To promote sleep researches
  • Let people know about arising sleep disorders and present suitable solutions to them
  • Help the comfort industry to make effective sleeping solutions that provide a restless sleeping experience
  • To unite professionals from different disciplines in the pursuit of knowledge of sleep

Master MoltyFoam and Master Celeste utilize the studies conducted by the Sleep Research Foundation to form innovative sleeping solutions that present solutions to health and sleep disorders. Doctors, physicians, psychiatrists, and lifestyle coaches endorse Master Sleep Research Foundation studies and communicate their viable feedback for effective studies.