This Women’s Day, let’s pledge to prioritize sleep and make the most out of it.

Beauty and Sleep; What is the Connection?

When you hear the word “Beauty Sleep” what do you imagine? Maybe some kind of therapy or a luxurious salon offer? That is certainly not the case. Money is not the primary factor here, you are! Read on to know how is it so. A well-rested sleep is crucial if you want to wake up feeling invigorated and alert. If you have raging anxiety issues, nervousness, elevated stress, and bodily weakness, even then, having a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep can be your savior. It lowers the stress levels and makes you feel strengthened. Another thing that is vital to note here, is the side effects that you might have to face if you ditch a restful night’s sleep. If it persists, it might result in serious health ailments such as diabetes, migraine, heart disease, obesity as well as high blood pressure.

Now let’s see how sleep is related to beauty. It is a proven fact that a restful night’s sleep can leave magical effects on the human body. It works like a recovery regime, a remedy for a myriad of different health issues in women. Some of the most incredible ways in which sleep is related to beauty include:

Peaceful Sleep; Youthful Glowing Skin:

Having a peaceful sleep at night assists in repairing the skin. While we are asleep, our body is vigorously at work. Two of the human body’s hormones are playing a key role while we are enjoying a peaceful slumber. The stress hormone of the human body, i.e. Cortisol, and the Sleep Hormone I.e. Melatonin are the fastest of friends. Whilst we are in deep sleep, our Cortisol hormone level starts decreasing while the Sleep hormone starts rising. It provides our body and skin with a fair chance to repair themselves and revive. It is the best time for the new skin cells to grow.

Restful Sleep; Bright Eyes:

Additionally, the absence of restorative night sleep will make your eyes appear puffed up in the mornings. This is because when you’re under tension, the cortisol levels increase and this affects the body’s natural salt balance. Having a placid night sleep makes your eyes look brighter and sparkly.

Peaceful Slumber; Healthier Hair

A calm sleep at night is also essentially critical for optimal protein synthesis of the hair. The way it affects the hormones also impacts the hair’s growth and appearance. It makes the hair grow fast, look fuller, stronger, and healthy.

A Final Word:

As a conclusive word, it is safe to say that a soothing night’s sleep is the magic potion that you should consume every night if you want to have unmatched beauty and healthy-looking skin.