Sleep Experts

Dr. Tayyaba Khan

Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant

Dr. Tayyaba Khan is a UK certified Nutritionist and program director at Weight Loss Pakistan and Welcorp wellness solutions. She graduated and started working with DrSarwat Imran in the field of health & wellness. Having completed advanced certification in holistic nutrition, she has been working for the past 6 years to help people achieve health & fitness goals by assisting them to adopt a healthier lifestyle by her personalized programs. She is passionate about all things wellness and teaches her clients the basics of good nutrition and simple clean eating by helping them develop intuitive eating skills that improve behaviors with food, and discovering ways to make exercise part of a daily routine.

Dr. Sarwat Imran

Health Coach

Dr. Sarwat Imran is the founder and CEO of Dr. Sarwat & Associates and South Beach Clinics. Dr. Sarwat completed a certification in Health Coaching, from NY in 2012. Health coaching is an evolving field and centers around motivational and behavioral changes thereby helping people change their mindset and improving their lives. Dr. Sarwat helps her clients in managing chronic conditions (such as diabetes); losing weight and keeping it off; dealing with eating disorders; increasing movement and activity; sleeping better and generally improving their physical, emotional and mental health.

Dr. Zubair Mirza

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Zubair Mirza is an orthopedic surgeon who has served as the Secretary General of the Pakistan Orthopedic Association for four years and is the President of the Pakistan Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He has also worked as a fellow in orthopedic surgery in New York at the Cornell University hospital for six months. After ten years of practice abroad, Dr. Zubair has since been practicing as an orthopedic consultant in the private sector of Pakistan..

Dr. Aamr Arif Herekar M.D


A board certified neurologist who is fellowship trained and board certified in sleep medicine from the esteemed Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. DrHerekar was running an EEG monitoring unit and sleep center in Kansas before he decided to come back and treat people in his home town.