No matter what you shop for, it’s hard to shake off the appeal of a two-for-one offer. However, you don’t find any “buy one get one free” offer deals for mattresses. Flippable 2in1 range by Master MoltyFoam and Celeste has become the next big thing in the comfort industry.

Having the liberty of picking your own comfort level is a relief many seek in their lives. Using cutting-edge technology, MoltyFoam and Master Celeste introduced a whole new 2in1 mattress range that conforms to the international comfort standards and delivers better usability along with superior durability. Besides providing two distinct comfort levels, you can sleep on either side that conforms to your sleeping patterns by simply turning the mattress over. This special 2in1 feature, besides providing different comfort options also help in extending the life of the mattress by minimizing the chances of dips in the mattress and normal wear and tears.

Benefits to consider while shopping for a 2in1 Mattress:

Better Weight Distribution:

Thick padding and unique construction mechanisms of 2in1 mattresses enable them to offer more than diverse comfort levels. Quality foam and flipping features prevent the mattress from developing deep body impressions over the lifetime of the mattress.

Enhanced Adaptability:

Possessing the perks of two distinguishing comfort levels improves the adaptability rate of the 2in1 mattresses. This unique feature makes it a suitable fit for every age group, gender, and body type.

You Choose When And Why To Flip:

Having a choice to choose, test, and pick a suitable sleeping surface for yourself is a luxury now you can have with 2in1 mattresses. These sleeping machines let you define your comfort according to the changing sleeping requirements.

The all-new foam and spring 2in1 mattress ranges have efficiently fulfilled the need of having versatile sleeping solutions that offer distinct support with a simple flip. Following is the list of foam and spring mattresses you can find in the market with 2in1 feature:

Foam Mattresses:

Spring Mattresses:

If you are seeking a super adaptable sleeping solution for yourself, check out these mattresses and pick the combination that fits your needs best.