Usually, we relate snoring with stress and restlessness. However, it’s more of a medical condition which if not controlled at earlier stages can lead to a severe sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. Usually, snoring happens due to sinus problems, allergies, excessive alcohol consumption, cold and heavyweight.

Other than medications there are also other effective ways to minimize or even get rid of snoring. For people with mild snoring, mouth and throat exercises can help in toning the around the airways to reduce snoring noise and frequency. These exercises usually called “Myofunctional therapy” or “Oropharyngeal exercises” also proved to be quite beneficial for moderate obstructive sleep apnea patients.

Firstly, know why do we snore?

Yes, knowing a problem is necessary to find a viable solution to it. So, why do we snore? The answer is quite simple. While sleeping, the space behind the tongue narrows down, and the tissues around it become a little floppy. With the pressure of inhaling and exhaling air these tissues flutter and make the sound of a flag whipping in the wind.

The same condition leads to obstructive sleep Apnea. It happens when these floppy muscles get relaxed to a point that they start blocking the airway completely or partially. This condition reduces the oxygen level in the body causing sleep deprivation.

How Inclined Bed Therapy can help with sleep apnea?

Healthcare professionals suggest inclined bed therapy to the patients complaining about sleep apnea and snoring. Inclined sleeping surface with the help of gravity present a simple yet effective solution to these problems. A slight slant surface rejuvenates the pressure points with improved blood flow and open-air pathways to prevent sleep apnea and snoring.

5 Mouth and throat exercises that can help you with snoring:

1- Tongue slide:

Tongue slide is a very simple exercise. Place your tongue on the back of your front teeth. Slide your tongue tip slowly backward along the roof of the mouth. Repeat the process 25 times a day to tighten and strengthen the throat and mouth muscles.

2- Tongue Push up:

Tongue pushup is a fairly common mouth exercise. Stick your tongue against the roof of your mouth, try to press it with your whole tongue, and hold the position for 10-12 seconds. Repeat the drill 7-8 times every day for best results. This exercise helps in increasing the tongue strength by tightening the mouth and throat muscles.

3- Cheek hook:

Lightly pull your cheeks outside and use the facial muscles to pull your cheek back inwards. Repeat the process 10 times a day to strengthen the jaw muscles and tone your facial and throat muscles.

4- Pronouncing vowels:

Yes, Vowels not just holds a great significance in the English language but also can be very helpful when it comes to tightening your facial and throat muscles.

Start by saying a-e-i-o-u normally, stretch the vowels and try saying them rapidly. Exercise this 10-20 times in a row and

5- Breath through the nose:

Breathe through your nose with your mouth closed and jaw relaxed. Close off one nostril with a finger, inhale and exhale gently with the open nostril. Repeat the same process with the other nostril. Repeat the process for each nostril 10 times a day.

This exercise will not just make you feel light from the inside but will also improve the capacity of nasal breathing by stabilizing the airways. Treat your sleep problems with comfortable resting solutions, calming exercises and a healthy diet. Try out these simple tips to improve your sleep quality.