What is Spinal Stenosis?

The condition occurs due to the narrowing of space between the vertebrae. The built-up pressure on the nerves due to the reduced spacing causes a serious condition called spinal stenosis which can not be treated fully with any surgery or medication yet.  Spinal stenosis mostly occurs in the lower back and neck. In many cases, the disorder shows no symptoms in its earlier stages, however, a few may experience tingling, numbness, and muscle spasm.

But what causes spinal stenosis:

  • Text neck syndrome: Text neck syndrome is a relatively new disease that emerged from the excessive use of hand-held devices. Its severe conditions can lead to spine degeneration diseases.
  • Kyphosis: Kyphosis is a spine degeneration disease-causing forward rounding of the neck due to bad posture directly affecting the nerves, lungs, tissues, and ligaments.
  • Thickening of ligaments: The cords holding the vertebrates of the spine in place can get thickened with time causing the spinal canal narrowing.
  • Tumors: Suspicious growths within the membranes of the spinal cord or between the spinal cords and vertebrates can give birth to spinal stenosis. These abnormal cysts outgrowths can easily be detected with MRI and CT scans.
  • Spinal Injuries: Injuries, accidents, and other traumas causing the dislocation of disks, spinal cords, or fracture can cause damage to the spinal canal.
  • Bone overgrowth: Spinal bone damage due to osteoarthritis prompt the formation of bone spurs that can grow into the spinal canal making spacing narrow inturn causing nerve compression.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Spinal Stenosis:

·  Posture Correction:

Posture correction is a basic yet most effective step towards the cure of spinal stenosis. Thanks to technology and advancement maintaining a healthy posture is not a conscious effort anymore. There are several free apps available to help you correct your posture while working, using smartphones, and other activities. Being the ambassador of health and comfort, Master MoltyFoam also introduced Pakistan’s first posture correction app with the mission to put a cap on the growth of text neck syndrome growth and growing cases of spine degeneration.

How does MoltyOrtho Neck up work?

MoltyOrtho neck up works on a very simple yet effective model. Every time a smart device user uses the device in a wrong posture the app instantly prompts a warning on the screen which contributes to the posture correction consciousness among the children, adults, and elderlies. It has a special child mode which makes parents in full control of their child’s gadget usage.

·  Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is designed to provide help with orthopedic problems. The specialized exercises along with medications not only alleviate pain but also help in modifying the spinal curve in such a way that the spinal cords open up and minimize the nerve compression within the spinal canals. These exercises also strengthen and stabilizes the neck curvature to provide relief from cervical stenosis.

·  Integrative Therapies:

Many physiotherapists integrate complementing services to physical therapy to provide relief from pain and swellings and deliver an improved sense of wellbeing. These therapies include heat massages, cupping, acupuncture, and meditation. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is also being highly utilized these days to produce natural pain relievers.

·  Steroids:

Steroids are anti-inflammatory medications that help reduce swelling, pain, and irritation in nerves suppressed into the spinal cords. Healthcare professionals usually suggest a course corticosteroid for five to six days and analyze the results.

We hope the article helped you understand the basics of spinal stenosis and how it can be prevented effectively.