Loss of control, being stuck at home and social distancing, all are contributing to instigate mental and physical health problems. Whether it be children, adults, and the elderly all are suffering at the hands of the COVID-19 outbreak. After experiencing almost, a whole year of cautiousness, we now have realized the fact that the disease can be controlled with a positive attitude and a healthy routine. A healthy routine that enforces discipline in our lives will surely add to our overall well-being. Maybe this year is all about focusing on ourselves and signaling us to focus on getting those little things straight that we ignore most often; like our sleep.

Yes, ask anybody and they will tell you that they are sleep deprived or sleeping way too much to kill time. Well, sleeping too less or too much both are not healthy. However, quality sleep of 7-8 hours restores the body and fuel it up for the other day. You might not know the fact that sleep problems not only have a direct impact on mental health but also physical health. Sleep is a natural mechanism that reboots the body, reinstates its natural mechanisms, and improves hormonal activity to keep you healthy and fit.

Here is how quality sleep can help prevent health hazards:

Improved Immunity:

Research indicates that sleep deprivation reduces the ability of stem cells to mitigate making you prone to dangerous diseases. Also, lack of sleep can cause permanent damage to the stem cells resulting in a genetic disorder. Lack of sleep can also affect the production of T-cells that directly influence the immunity of the body. In these difficult times, when the whole world is trembling with the terror of an unknown virus, we need to be vigilant about the basic health principles to make our immune system stronger.

Better mood and productivity:

Certainly, it’s not easy to function at our best without having easy access to general coping mechanisms i.e. socializing and going out, etc. But in these times when we all need to act responsibly to keep each other safe, we need to find a middle ground. Adequate sleep has proven positive effects on mood and productivity. Quality sleep improves brain productivity, reduces fatigue, help with chronic pains, and brings a positive healthy change to the moods and behaviors.

Improved Metabolism:

Research proves that sleep plays a significant role in regulating metabolism and appetite. Sleep deprivation disturbs the metabolism which eventually affects digestion and stomach health. Doctors and nutritionists come to believe the fact that sleep is a major cause of the growing obesity rate. Scheduled routine and timely sleep can prove to be a magical cure for metabolism and obesity.

We hope by now you must have understood the importance of sleep and how it can prove to be an ultimate remedy in these uncertain times. In these tough times, these simple tips are your great weapon to combat COVID-19.