Searches on Google for “How to sleep comfortably during the Summers?” have reached an all-time high this year. 

According to studies, greater temperature changes have quite a substantial influence on how long it would take to fall asleep, as well as the depth and quality of your sleep. When the hot weather plus dampness start interfering with your sleep, check out these completely unusual ideas for sleeping well through the heat.

Place The Pillowcases Inside the Freezer

Putting your pillowcases inside the freezer is among the oddest yet most efficient ways to chill off your bedding. Try placing your pillowcases inside a tidy plastic shopping bag then freeze that for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. Your mattress will immediately be feeling refreshed, as well as the chilling impact will linger along until you have fallen asleep.

Put an Ice Block On the Wrists

Instead of placing an ice block on the brow, stay cool by placing an ice cube on the pulse spots. It’s these places on your body wherein the veins are near enough to the skin which you may sense a pulsing, such as your wrist, neck, within your elbows, and then behind your knee. Having your pulse spots chilled, aids in the reduction of body warmth.

Use a Plant Sprayer for Your Face

Whilst the plant sprayer is much more frequently used during watering plants as well as shrubs, it is also an excellent method to swiftly chill down every night. Place one next to your bedside for a quick, cooling respite anytime you feel overheated – a few spritzes on the face will suffice. You can also add rose petals or any essential oil of your choice inside it for a more refreshing feeling.

Clean Your Bedding at 60°C Two Times Per Week

Because you sweat a lot more often during the summertime, the bed may become a maze of bacteria. This leads to an accumulation of microorganisms as well as skin cells, along with all of the other pathogens that come onto the bed, such as bed bugs, dust, and even pet hair. If you perspire in sleep, replace your linens two times a week to prevent getting into a filthy and perhaps dangerous situation.

Get The Right Mattress

Getting the right mattress for summer is one of the most important steps to be taken, that is why we have kept it for the last. If you are looking for a reliable suggestion, we would recommend getting your hands on MoltyFoam’s Cool Gel 7 Zone mattress.

This mattress is considered the best one for the Summer season owing to its unique properties.  Crafted to provide support to all parts of your body and reduce stress levels while you are asleep, the mattress is an all-star winner for hot days. The 7 Zone Technology provides back massage, whereas its cool gel beads help keep your bed cooler and improve your sleep.

We Really Hope You Successfully Beat the Heat with These Tips!