Do you like to sleep on your back? If that’s the case, you’re one of the weird bunch. According to sleep specialists, just 8% of individuals sleep on their backs. However, many people believe that resting on one’s back is the ideal resting position. There seems to be a multitude of causes why sleeping on your back, commonly known as the “supine posture,” may be a wise option.

There are certain advantages of sleeping on one’s back. Let’s have a look at these.

Advantages of Sleeping in the Supine Position

Pediatricians nowadays suggest that newborns sleep on their backs. You’ve actually heard that newborns shouldn’t ever, ever sleep on their stomachs – a posture termed as prone. The rationale is straightforward, Medical studies have shown that sleeping on one’s back significantly decreases the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

However, this recommendation to prevent prone posture only pertains to newborns under the age of 12 months. Then why should adults think about sleeping on their backs, too? Doctors advocate the supine posture for a variety of health-related concerns. The supine sleeping posture also has aesthetic advantages.

It is crucial to realize, though, that back sleeping is really not recommended for anyone suffering from several medical issues, including sleep apnea.

Alignment of the Neck and Spine

Do you sometimes wake up with soreness or stiffness in your neck, spine, and head? Have you experienced an injury to your brachial plexus? Many people find that sleeping with in supine posture alleviates a variety of unpleasant symptoms. The body is in a proper anatomical posture while you sleep on the back.

This guarantees that your weight is spread more equally over your body structure. If you have lumbar spine discomfort, this can relieve a lot of pressure on that sensitive area, particularly if you are using additional cushions or pillows. To get the ideal sleeping posture, just arrange pillows beneath your knees, calves, as well as your head.

Muscle Tension is Reduced

Sleeping on your back can help alleviate muscular tension around your neck, shoulders, as well as other surrounding areas. Each day, our neck and shoulder muscles perform a tremendous amount of work and bear a great deal of stress for us. You can assist those muscles to remain in proper alignment and relax during resting by lying in a supine position.

Wrinkles On the Face and Neck Are Reduced

Wrinkles are unavoidable as we age. But did you notice that resting in the supine posture might help to prevent or delay the formation of some wrinkles? Sleeping on your side hastens the formation of “sleep lines.” These lines usually appear around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and lips. In fact, dermatologists can generally determine which side of the bed a patient sleeps on merely by glancing at his or her face. Dermatologists frequently discover that a patient has more prominent sleeping lines on the side that he or she prefers to sleep on. However, resting on your back might help you avoid this frequent problem.

Some Accessories to Aid Back Sleepers:

There are a lot of different accessories which can come in handy for the back sleepers. The firm mattresses are actually very beneficial for back sleepers. They provide targeted support and relieve the pain and aches. Additionally, choosing the right pillow is also an art in itself. There is a myriad of different pillows available in the market. But, choosing the right one is what matters the most. Here are some of our personal favorites.

Some of our favorite ones include the following:

MoltyPlus 2in1

For decades MoltyFoam has remained the epitome of quality and is best acclaimed for its great value and comfort. The new innovation of 2in1 technology instigated into MoltyFoam enables it to provide medium support with one side and firm support with the other. Just flip your mattress to choose between a suitable sleeping surface that complies with your resting needs.

MoltyOrtho Neck Pillow

Crafted with care and research, MoltyOrtho Neck Pillow provides the best support holding the head. Moreover, regular use of this pillow can prevent all sorts of neck and spinal pains.

All in all, these accessories can provide great support to the back sleepers. We really hope you liked reading this article and got some valuable information.