When it comes to your bedding, you undoubtedly give your sheets and comforter a careful washing every week, but can you say the same thing about your pillows?

Since pillows may harbor a variety of pests, dead skin, dust mites, and the droppings they leave behind, it is essential to ensure that they get the same level of care as everything else on your bed.

How to Clean Pillows?

According to MoltyFoam experts, the majority of pillows, including those filled with cotton, feathers, down, and fiberfill, can be cleaned in a washing machine using warm water on the gentle cycle. However, before doing so, it is essential to check the label for specific instructions on how to clean the pillow in question. Your pillow may be one of the unusual varieties that need professional dry cleaning. One frequent kind of pillow you shouldn’t wash in a washing machine is a foam one because the agitation is too intense and has a good chance of ripping apart the padding. Despite this, you can clean foam pillows at home using a different cleaning method. You may clean the detachable cover (if there is one) by following the cleaning directions printed on the label. To properly clean the foam, use the attachment for your vacuum to remove any debris or dust that may be present in the pillow.

When Should Pillows Be Washed? How Often?

While you should wash the rest of your bedding regularly, you may wait a little longer before washing your pillows. At the absolute least, pillows need to be given a thorough cleaning once every half year. If you want to make sure that your pillows are always in the most excellent condition possible, you should think about cleaning them at least every three months—or four times a year. As for the pillowcases, you should wash them weekly along with the rest of your bedding in the same cycle. Even while cleaning your pillows on a regular basis is reasonably necessary, it is also beneficial to know when it is time to replace them. MoltyFoam experts recommend switching up your pillows once per year to two years. It is crucial to remember that various kinds of pillows may last much longer than the previous ones.

Do Pillows Hold Up Well to Machine Washing?

In general, most varieties of pillows may be cleaned in a machine and should be laundered using a light detergent, the gentlest setting, and cold water. This holds for items stuffed with cotton, polyester, down, or feathers. With one notable exception, you cannot clean foam-filled pillows in a machine. 

It is always vital to read your pillow’s label first to see if any particular cleaning recommendations are advised. If there are, it is best to follow them. Pay close attention to the labels’ symbols indicating how to do the laundry.

The proper way to wash pillows:

  • Washing pillows in a machine with a cold temperature, gentle cycle, and mild detergent is recommended for most pillow kinds.
  • Hand vacuum and spot clean any stains on foam pillows.

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When Should You Replace Your Pillows?

It’s possible that “how to wash pillows” is not the question you should constantly be asking yourself. The day will come when it will be more beneficial for you to go out and get a new pillow once you have determined the sleeping position that suits you the most effective. Make a fold in the middle of the pillow. You should consider replacing it if it does not return to its former, flat shape after being compressed. It’s time to acquire new pillows when the old ones have lost their form and can’t be fixed by fluffing them. You should also change them if any stench of mold or mildew is discovered. In point of fact, one of the items that you should consider replacing more often than you have been in your pillow.

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