You still don’t have a plan for ensuring that dad gets a good night’s sleep this weekend, do you? On Father’s Day, we have some tried-and-true advice that you may use to help him get the greatest night’s sleep he’s ever had.

Because having children and staying on top of ever-increasing obligations may tax a person’s physical and emotional health, we can all agree that Dad deserves some major time off. Therefore, Father’s Day is such a wonderful occasion to assist Dad in unloading some of his burdens and relaxing. As professionals in sleep, there is one thing that we are certain kicks off Father’s Day on the proper foot: an amazing night’s sleep.

This Fathers Day – Embrace The Twilight and Early Morning Hours:

According to the findings of recent research that compared the requirements for sleep that men and women have, women have to be in bed at an earlier hour than men do. This is because men and women have somewhat different circadian rhythms, which, in most cases, results in more males self-identifying as night owls than early birds (with plenty of exceptions, of course).

Try keeping the activities going a little later into the night than you normally would, rather than going to bed at a different time each night. This will save you from having to change your routine. However, because the blue light that is generated by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops may make it more difficult to fall asleep once it is time for bed, it is a good idea to avoid engaging in late-night activities such as watching movie marathons or playing video games.

This Fathers Day Let Dad Sleep in:

The variation in a circadian rhythm that exists between the sexes also influences how early the genders wake up, with women, on average, rising sooner than men. Our internal biological clocks are to blame for all of this. Although studies suggest men need less sleep than women do, they also have a tendency to feel drowsy later in the evening and to get up later in the morning.

Providing dad with the opportunity to get a few extra winks (or hours, with extreme sleep deprivation) may be of help in the fight against insomnia. Because males recover from sleep deprivation more slowly than women do, it is possible that it would be a good idea to adjust the time that the alarm clock goes off throughout the course of the weekend. This way, dad will have plenty of time to catch up on some of the sleep he missed out on.

This Fathers Day Offer Him the Gift of Comfort:

Although men and women have fairly comparable core body temperatures, how we store heat is completely different. Women have a propensity to keep their body heat closer to their core, but men have a greater propensity to keep their body heat both at their core and at their extremities. Because of this biological difference, men are more prone to having night sweats and sleeping issues related to sleep than women are. Reducing the temperature in the bedroom by a few degrees is one strategy that may make the space seem cozier and more welcoming.

Investing in a very cozy mattress pad or a pillow that breathes better is, of course, a terrific way to handle the problem of night sweats without having to adjust the temperature in the room. If sleeping overheated is a major issue for you, think about how an innovative cooling mattress could be the right answer. This would also be a fantastic present for your dad on Father’s Day!

Parting Thoughts

So, instead of just going for funny dad captions for Instagram or even looking for unique father’s day quotes; make a more responsible decision and offer your dad the ultimate gift of comfortable sleep.