Whenever you’re deprived of sleep, sleep-deficient, or simply exhausted, napping provides a wide range of favorable advantages.

It is possible to get the boost you need from naps if you take them at the appropriate moment as well as for the appropriate duration of time.

What’s the Stigma?

For several centuries, most people associated napping with being ‘lazy,’ however as we understand more about the science of sleep, popular sentiment is beginning to change. Despite the fact that 74% of women receive less sleep than males, women are more likely to feel guilty about taking a nap.

Many major companies in the world not only advocate napping but also provide facilities for employees to do so, demonstrating the shift in public opinion towards napping.

1.    The General State of One’s Health

Short naps have been shown to be beneficial to your health in five different ways:

  • Defeating exhaustion
  • Enhancing your sense of well-being
  • Boosting your body’s defenses
  • Strengthening your muscles and coordination.
  • Decreasing tension
2.    Coffee and Naps for the Win: A Brain-Boosting Combination

In the short term, caffeine can help you stay awake by inhibiting sleep-inducing chemicals in your brain and increasing the synthesis of adrenaline. However, because caffeine is a stimulant, it will eventually cause a crash. While snoozing provides a boost to your brain’s learning capacity, it also enhances your alertness, and it doesn’t come with a dip in your cognitive abilities.

If you want the best results, drink a cup of coffee before taking a 20-minute nap to maximize your energy levels.

3.    Increased Productivity

Taking a nap can help you perform better, be more responsive, remember things better, and be more attentive throughout the day. According to NASA research, a 40-minute nap boosts performance by 34% and attentiveness by 100 percent.

4.    Better Mood

You’ll feel better and be more productive if you nap. People who nap report better moods, less agitation, and greater emotions of well-being, according to research. Napping is an easy method to obtain some relaxation and rejuvenation during the day.

5.    Improved Hormonal Health

There’s evidence to show that even after a bad night’s sleep, the hormonal effects can be reversed with a 30-minute nap. In particular, the study found that naps appeared to restore normal levels of hormones and proteins linked to stress and immunological function.

Do You Frequently Find Yourself Needing to Take Naps?

Having a new baby, shift work, disturbed sleep, or any other clear non-medical factor isn’t enough to explain why you want to nap every day or many times a day. It’s time to find out what’s going on. It’s possible that you’re one of the 22% of people who suffer from a sleep issue that keeps you awake at night.

If you feel that your napping schedule is erratic and getting out of control, it’s best to request a consultation with your doctor today.