It has been more than two weeks since we bid goodbye to Ramadan 2021. The blessed month of Ramadan has definitely altered our lives for the better. Now, since it is gone, a lot of us are finding it hard to return to our previous routine. Our eating and sleeping habits change completely during Ramadan and bringing them back to regular is a task in itself.

But, worry no more as we are here with some of the best tips that will help you get back on track post-Ramadan.

Stay Hydrated:

During Ramadan, our bodies fail to consume enough water, hence resulting in dehydration. Once Ramadan is over, make sure to pay attention to your water intake, keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep sipping it after short intervals. If you feel that normal water is making you feel bloated, you can even add a few leaves of mint or a few slices of lemon to make it more refreshing. You can also switch to more flavorful drinks such as coconut water, lemon juice, sugarcane juice, and other natural fruit juices.

Focus on Your Diet:

Don’t consume fried foods, fast food, or food that is too fatty or spicy. This law applies to every month of the year, but it is particularly important after Ramadan because your body is more likely to experience indigestion, acidity, as well as stomach pain. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber from whole grains, raw salads, and vegetables. You can also consume lean protein that has not been over-processed. Curd and buttermilk should be part of your daily diet. This will not only help with digestion and digestive issues, but it will also keep you comfortable in the summer heat.

Have Restful Sleep:

It is a wise move to start setting a regular bedtime, allowing plenty of time to catch up on all that missed sleep. Many people will have a sleep deficit by the end of Ramadan, and there may be some serious catching up to do. Make sure to devise a sleep schedule and stick to it irrespective of anything and everything. A little exercise or physical activity might help you fall asleep faster and quickly. Limit your time spend on digital gadgets and such activities to focus more on sleep. Take frequent naps and stick to your nighttime sleeping routine, every single night.

A Final Word

With a few lifestyle changes, you can easily get back to your pre-Ramadan routine. Never ignore the significance of a restful night’s sleep as it serves as the foundation of most of your bodily functions.