Shift Work Sleep Disorder as the name suggests is usually prevalent in individuals working in a culture of split hours, graveyard shifts, late night shifts or rotating shifts. The condition is characterized by excessive sleepiness, lack of sleep, dizziness, and being unable to enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Centre of Disease Control and Prevention indicates that shift working can lead to major health concerns impacting overall well-being of an individual. The disorder saps the immune system’s strength by exacerbating various morbid conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, psychological disorder, diabetes, obesity, etc. Nurses, paramedics, police officers, and customer service representatives are particularly at more risk of SWSD causing physiological and psychological distress making them more susceptible to make mistakes at work.

According to the stats, about 10-40% of the shift workers develop Shift Work Sleep Disorder during their lifetime. However, many of the individuals develop the mechanism to adapt to the rotating or long shift timings. If you think you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned conditions, here are few simple preventions to avoid them:

Maintain a healthy hygienic sleeping environment:

An ideal sleeping environment should be five things. It should be dark, comfortable, clean, quiet, and have optimal temperature. If you want to sleep restfully after a long shift, get yourself a comfortable sleeping surface that embraces you and supports each contour of your body, reduce exposure to gadgets such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc., dim the lights in your room, and try to avoid noise by using noise canceller earbuds. Get yourself a quality mattress, conforming pillow, and quilted sheets to experience a comfortable bedding experience. Find yourself quality mattresses that cater to your evolving sleeping needs and comply with international ergonomic principles with Master MoltyFoam. Manufactured with advanced engineering, Master MoltyFoam products ensure restful sleeping, superior support, and durability. Click here to view their collection.

Aroma Therapy:

Aromatherapy is considered a healing treatment that calms your senses, opens up your mind and helps you declutter. Place a diffuser in your room or scent your pillows and sheets with natural oil extracts to transform tour room into a calm oasis.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule:

To make yourself accustomed to the late-night working or shift working, try to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Indulge in physical activities:

Experts found out that shift workers are more frustrated and angrier compared to day workers. To maintain a healthy mental and physical state, indulge yourself in physical activities. Certainly, it becomes tough to manage a healthy schedule while working long late-night shifts but to keep health stability intact one has to go an extra mile to avoid conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and mental health problems.

These simple yet super effective ways will help you in preventing and managing Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Maintaining a healthy routine is the key to defeat all sleep disorders. Enforce these tips and you will observe a visible difference in your physical and psychological health.