World Spine Day

16 October marks as the World Spine Awareness Day. The goal of this is to raise awareness in masses regarding spine. It also aims to prevent spinal cord injuries through numerous awareness campaigns worldwide. Campaign also play vital role and encourage patients to live life at their fullest.

World Spine Day emphasizes the importance of health and well-being in the spinal cord. Promoting physical activity, good posture, muscle fitness weight lifting and healthy working practices encourage individuals to take care of their spines and remain active. It also aims to give equal importance to every human being on planet.

 World Spine Day and Spirit

The 2016 International Spinal Cord Society took the initiative to celebrate World Spinal Awareness Day. This aims to bring some positive life changes. The concept behind the World Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day was to include patients suffering from this injury. This was done to make life meaningful and purposeful for patients with the condition. All schools and colleges remain open at this time of year, allowing the young generation’s likelihood of involvement as well. Every year, the day has been commemorated in 35 countries since its inception.

Worldwide population and victims of spine injuries

WHO estimates about 40 to 80 cases of spinal cord injury in per million population worldwide every year.

Most of these cases were caused to trauma. Injuries to the spinal cord could paralyze people, leave them depressed and increase the economic burden. Since most spinal injuries are non-curable, avoiding their occurrence as much as we can becomes significant. They may say ‘ prevention is better than cure ‘ in the case of almost every other illness or condition. Yet ‘ prevention is treatment ‘ in this situation.

Importance of Spine and Breakthrough in research

Major breakthrough has been made in spine research and development. The most advanced research center had been established at Hampstead. Researches are based upon neurological and clinical disabilities to provide cure and medicines for spine related patients.

World Spine Day also focuses on providing hope to patients to live a normal life, give them hope to live life at their fullest. Providing them health, personal, leisure, academic opportunities to make use of their spine to maximum limit.

Know about your spine and prevent it from degeneration

Disjoint of any portion of the spinal cord or nerves can cause permanent changes in some of the functions of your body. It can through your emotions and energy. This type of injury can also have a psychological, emotional and social effect on you.

Symptoms of spinal cord such as lack of balance, loss of muscle control, difficulty breathing, constant stinging pain. Spinal cord injury can be caused by various reasons such as damage to the vertebrae caused by an incident, a sudden, painful impact to the back, a bullet, knife wound, spill, conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis or spinal inflammation

Human body muscles from age 18 to 30 and above 60, having a joint pain or muscle pain condition, the risk can be increase of spine cord injury. Having and know symptoms, cure them accordingly can improve life span of person. However, a good care of spine is mandatory for every person to have happy life.