A good night’s sleep is often signified with either a very happy dream or no dream at all. For the most part, all of us dream at night- we just tend to forget the dream by the time we wake up. Sometimes, however, these dreams are vivid and just a little too real so we wake up with a few clear snippets still reeling around in our mind as we open our eyes. More often than not, these dreams contain some anomalies and strange occurrences which stay in our memory even as we transition from lala-land to reality.

Since dreams are not something we fully understand yet, there has been a lot of research in the recent years regarding this topic – especially, the meaning of certain events which take place in a dream. The following are some of the most popular interpretations of these strange occurrences:

1. Seeing Water

Many times our dreams contain images of bodies of water. According to experts, the water is a representation of our unconscious mind and as such, the quality of the water shows how effectively we are dealing with our emotions. If the water in your dreams is turbulent then you are probably dealing with some emotional upheaval in your life.

2. Teeth Falling Out

It seems that one of the most common dreams is that of teeth falling out – which is, horrifying, no doubt. According to Carl Jung, such a dream may indicate a number of things. It could denote losing grip such as the loss of reality, a relationship or self-control. In fact, it may even reflect losing a certain conception towards things. It is especially common for pregnant women to have such dreams as they feel like their physiological state takes precedence over their mind. That’s not all, though. It could signify, especially for women, a fear of aging or getting old.

3. Death

Another very commonly reported dream is that of either dying or seeing someone die. While this may be traumatizing for the dreamer and death usually has a very negative connotation. The interpretation of death in a dream is the indication of a major change in the dreamer’s life. The death simply shows the end of one thing to make room for something different or new. Who knew death could mean something that positive?

4. Being Chased by an Animal

One of the most common dreams are those of being chased relentlessly, especially by a predator. Such a dream leaves the dreamer in a horrified state of utter confusion upon regaining consciousness. However, this is one of the most easily interpreted dreams. The occurrence of animals often points towards your psyche being connected to nature or an innate need to survive. Similarly, being chased by an animal means you are holding back or suppressing emotions of fear and anger – which are vented our through the chase.

4. Falling

There are few things scarier than feeling yourself falling in a dream. The interpretation of this one is pretty straightforward; it points towards insecurities and anxieties of letting go of something or someone significant, losing control in life or failing at something that is important. There you have it, folks. All the different meanings of those anomalies in your dreams. So, the next time you wake up feeling a little out of sorts from a dream memory, you’ll know exactly what your dream is trying to tell you.