Dealing with a sleep disorder is tiring and stressful. Without a good night’s sleep, it is hard to make it through the day. You may have trouble concentrating, feel irritable and tired, and not have the motivation to get things done during the day.
While the mental fatigue that comes with a sleep disorder is hard to deal with, the lack of sleep can also have an impact on your physical health. You need to rest your brain for your body to replenish its energy.
There are many different issues that can lead to a difficulty in sleeping. Here are four of the most common sleep disorders, with the right juice recipes to help you overcome your sleep dysfunction.

Insomnia is perhaps the most common sleep disorder. Insomnia results in difficulty falling and staying asleep. People with insomnia may also wake up early and have trouble getting back to sleep. This results in general fatigue and a lack of focus.
Leafy vegetables, such as spinach or cabbage, contain high content of magnesium. Magnesium is known to help relax muscles and calm nerves, which helps you get to sleep. Try this juice recipe containing both spinach and cabbage:
¼ head of Savoy cabbage
A handful of spinach
3 heads of Romaine lettuce
2 green apples
1-inch of ginger root
1 lemon

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is another fairly common sleep disorder. Sleep apnea can cause you to stop breathing for several seconds as a result of a blockage, from the relaxing of the soft tissues in the back of your throat. This disruption in breathing can cause you to wake up.
Foods containing fiber could help reduce an overproduction of mucus as increasing mucus production may increase the severity of your sleep apnea symptoms.

Try this juice recipe to help with sleep apnea:
4 ribs of celery
2 Asian pears
4 carrots
1-inch of ginger root
1 lemon

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is commonly believed to be the result of stress or anxiety. When you constantly grind your teeth during the night, you may end up waking to a headache or a sore jaw which can make it hard to fall asleep again.
A lack of vitamin B5, magnesium, or calcium could be partially responsible for your teeth grinding. Studies have found that drinking green juices is a good remedy for many individuals suffering from bruxism. Here is a simple green drink that you can make at home:
4 carrots
6 ribs of celery
A handful of spinach
A handful of parsley
¼ of a pineapple
1 lemon

If you are having trouble sleeping, you should try to determine if one of these sleep disorders is responsible for your lack of rest. You can start by eliminating from your diet: Processed foods, dairy products, flour and sugar foods that are high in fats and low in fiber. Then, drink your juice on a daily basis to see some positive results.