Mother’s day- an opportune time to discuss our mothers’ efforts that they have been putting to make our lives better. They kissed our scraped knees and cheeks before bed, taught us the true meaning of compassion and faith, helped us mend our broken toys and hearts; they have always been there with unconditional love and unwavering strength.

Mothers are the holding pillars of our families and society that truly depict empathy and love in each of their conduct. We all have witnessed these beautiful creatures sacrificing themselves for their children unconditionally during their lifetime. Now in these tough times, they are not just striving for their own families but playing a great role in protecting the society too. They are the ones that are efficiently managing their work, household, children and their schooling, house’s hygiene, and our mental and physical health to make us feel protected and content at all times. They display an incredible show of strength that a homo sapiens can possess.

Research in China showed that women are expected to get more affected by the coronavirus outbreak compared to men. Well, according to the World health organization, about 70% of the women are working as social and healthcare workers, which means they are the ones in the defense lines fighting against corona. Juggling between work, taking care of children, chores and other precautionary measures to keep the family safe during this situation are adding up to their responsibilities. For all the Muslim women the responsibility even increases with Ramadan in the play. Preparing meals for us in the middle of the night and providing us with nutrition filled “aftars” with care and affection has added up to their duties but surged up their spirits too. Mothers do all this without complaining about anything. Only a mother could do so, only she can endure anything for her loved ones without any expectation.

Mothers are the special angels that are focused towards the well-being of their children with the utmost unconditionality. So, plan something special for this fabulous creature in your lives and make her feel as special as she is. Appreciate this beautiful bond of mother and child in the most expressive way. Provide your mothers with well-deserved comfort; especially now when they are all drained with work and other responsibilities. Decorate their room with flowers, make them a comfortable scented bed or set up a special dinner to let them feel that this day truly belongs to them. Mother is not just a relationship but a name of an amazing feeling that can not be interpreted in words. We wish you all super ladies a very happy Mothers day. May you all keep rocking!