5 reasons why you wake up with Headache!

There’s nothing worse than trying to get through the day smoothly with splitting headache. Or being awakened in the middle of the night with an infuriating headache. Medical science tells waking up with a headache or other body pains are mostly because of the poor sleep and uncomfortable bedding. Morning headache is usually a helpful reminder from your body telling you to improve your sleep quality.

Here are 5 common reasons why we wake up with a headache:


It is highly uncommon for people suffering from constant stress and tension to not wake up with headaches and tiredness. Individuals suffering from migraines are likely to wake up with a headache in the morning. It usually happens because the body is producing less of the endorphins and enkephalins (the natural painkillers) that help you to get up all refreshed and charged up in the morning. Exercise and meditate before hitting the day can help you sleep better at night. Exercises produce endorphins and endorphins naturally boost happiness among an individual.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleep Apnea is quite a common sleeping disorder. The disease causes the throat muscle to collapse while sleeping causing breathing interruption. Feeling tired after 9 hours of sleep and morning headaches are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes oxygen deficiency making the sufferer all scratchy and tired throughout the day. Observing the growth of sleep apnea in Pakistan, Master MoltyFoam came up with an inclined bed therapy solution named MoltyCure. This thoughtful and well-researched mattress places your head in such a way that the airways remain open preventing from the oxygen deficiency. MoltyCure along medication can help you get rid of sleep apnea once and for all.

Non-conforming pillow:

An uncomfortable and non-conforming pillow is another major reason causing morning headaches. Many times headaches are just because of some strained muscle. It can be because of bad sleeping posture or non-conforming pillow and mattress. Constant pain in the neck also doesn’t let you sleep peacefully causing restlessness and headache. Such pains can easily be ignored with orthopedic bedding solutions. Master MoltyFoam, pioneer of foam and orthopedic bedding solutions in Pakistan offers a great range of orthopedic mattresses and pillows to provide you a great sleeping experience.


The most common of all migraine triggers is “dehydration”. Dehydration headache is quite similar to that of the tension headache. We fast for about six to nine hours while sleeping. If one doesn’t consume ample water in the day then he/she is more prone to experiencing headaches.

Tooth Grinding:

Tooth grinding is yet another normal condition most of us experience while sleeping but aren’t aware of its existence. In stress, tension, and depression we unknowingly clench our jaw in sleep grinding our teeth together causing a headache. Headache caused by teeth grinding is usually mild, and based around temples- usually, a result of pressure exerted on the temporomandibular joint. This type of headache can usually be fixed by dentists. The dentist can fix you a nightguard preventing you from putting pressure on the joint out of stress and tension. Meditation, pre-sleep relaxation, and exercise can also help with it.