5 Bedroom plants that help you sleep a therapeutic slumber!

The most interesting interior designing trend called biophilic brings the outdoors indoors. Plants have always been a beauty of gardens, some grow in shade and some require sunlight to fully nourish. The biophilic trend brings the garden indoors and provides quite a serene feel to your place whether they are small or spacious. Besides uplifting the whole vibe of the house but numerous health benefits of plants make this idea a great hit. Many of the plants are consider therapeutic and allow the individuals to sleep balmy nourishing sleep.


Yes, jasmine is first on our list for obvious reasons. Jasmine essential oil is often used in aromatherapies and diffusers to provide a good relaxing vibe to our houses. Studies have proved it for a fact that Jasmine’s scent reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality. Jasmine plant can easily be kept indoors near the window pane, on some shelf in the room.

Snake Plant:

This plant is best known for air purification. It removes xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and other such toxic elements from air and makes it pure for breathing. Another amazing thing about the snake plant is that it emits oxygen at night making the oxygen level high in the house which in turn allows you to sleep a therapeutic slumber.


Lavender is known for its relaxation properties. It has the power of drastically controlling the heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and depression. A study conducted by Miami Miller Medicine School, told the magical properties of lavender if used in baby baths in the form of essential oils allows the baby to sleep better, grow healthier, and sharper. Growing lavender indoors can be a little tricky as lavender likes sun and warmth. To nourish them well indoors keep them near a sunny windowsill.

Aloe Vera:

The most known medicinal plant Aloe vera also improves the air quality within your home as it produces oxygen at night. Aloe vera is called succulent as it requires a little amount of water and doesn’t require much of the maintenance. One doesn’t have to worry him/herself to take care of the plant. Aloe vera gel can be used for burns, skincare, and medicinal purposes. To ensure a little, aloe vera healthy keep it in a sunny place.

Golden Pothos:

Golden Pothos, a marble heart-shaped plan generally known as “devil’s ivy”. Like snake plant and peace Lilly, Golden Pothos is also an exceptional air purifier. Because of its unique growing pattern, this specific plant looks best when hanged from a basket. This plant is quite easy to look after. It only requires sunlight and watering two times a week. Beautiful interior and comfortable bedding solutions make your house home. Get the luxury bedding solutions by Master Celeste and pair them with an opulent interior to give a modern and comfortable vibe to your home.